Stridelite Softshell Mens Running Jacket

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  • Premium quality and award winning running and walking jacket range.
  • Unique feature of this range is the 360° electro luminescant light strips which emit a bright blue strobe effect light.
  • Be seen on those dark country lanes over 1/4 mile away.
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  • These softshell jackets are of the highest quality but also add a unique safety feature for riders and runners essential during the current street light turn off. The micro thin electro luminescant light strips emit a blue strobe light with a 360¡ display field which means it's visible from every angle and can be seen for up to 1/2mile away. It's an incredible safety aid and raises the safety bar for runners and riders who train at night, especially on unlit loads.

    The lights are virtually weightless and can be removed almost instantly if the jacket needs to be cleaned. They run from 2 X AAA batteries which sit inside a waterproof casing and are tucked away out of sight. They should last up to 300 hours.

    About Electroluminescant lighting

    Decsribed as the latest technology in the battle to stay visible, the light source comes from specially treated phosphor. Requiring only a minimal electrical charge, the phosphor particles instantly glow. Very reliable, no bulbs to break! Our electroluminescant strips are flexible and waterproof and the striking electric blue makes you stand out in the dark when cycling or running at night. The jackets themselves are fully seam sealed, have 3M reflective details, feature zip pockets and are fully windproof and waterproof. Schoeller Dryskin Extreme technology offers the best water and wind resistance with superior active wicking technology. The bottom of the jackets is fitted with elastic cording for an adjustable fit whilst the cuffs are also fully adjustable for a tight fit to guard against winter winds! This is a jacket that could be comfortably used for street wear. Available in a range of colours and sizes. You will see the Lite!

    Sizing Options

    Mens softshell jackets are an accurate fit. To give you an idea of your likely size we can add the following information

    • S = Size 38" - 40"
    • M = Size 40" - 42"
    • L = Size 42" - 44"
    • XL = Size 44" - 46"
    • XXL = Size 46" - 48"

  • Top kvalitet, vind- og vandtæt løbejakke og med det unikke lysbånd der udsender et 360 g pulserende lys. Stridelite jakken er forseglet i alle syninger og har Scotchguard reflekterende mærkater, scoop manchetter og elastikbånd i bunden af jakken for optimal komfort. De blinkende lysbånd forsynes fra AAA batterier som medleveres.

  • De première qualité, coupe-vent et imperméable; la caractéristique unique se sont les bandes electroluminescant destinées à l'éclairage effet stroboscopique sur 360 degrés. Les vestes Stridelite comprennent des coutures complètement étanches, des autocollants relectives Scotchguard, poignets pelle et cordon élastique au bas de la veste afin d’obtenir un ajustement parfait. Les feux clignotants sont alimentés par des piles AAA fournies et relevent la barre en termes de sécurité pour les coureurs.

  • Giacche di qualita’ premium, impermeabilli a pioggia e vento; la caratteristica unica di queste giacche e’ la presenza di strisce elettroluminescenti che offrono un effetto di luce stroboscopica a 360 gradi. Le giacche Stridelite sono complete di cuciture sigillate, hanno le decalcomania Scotchguard, polsini elastici e cuciture elastiche alla fine della giacca per avere una perfetta vestibilita’. Le luci a intermittenza sono complete di batterie AAA incluse per una maggiore sicurezza dei corridori.

24 micron-thin EL lamps flexible, virtually weightless and highly durable

20,000 hours lifespan (that 6hrs a day, 365 days a year over 9 years!!)

Patented light design - if the circuit breaks the lights will still flash.

3M & trade clear polyester film + ________

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7 day exchange if you change your mind

All we ask is that the item is returned in 'as new' condition with all accessories and the original box.

12 month warranty on all goods.

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