Rido Lt Racing Saddle

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  • Rido Lt series is a firm, elegant slim and lightweight option saddle
  • Specifically designed for top end performance racing bikes.
  • Offers intense comfort enabling you to add more power to the pedals, especially on the inclines!

Lets face it, the more expensive the racing bike, the more pain you're likely to have in the usual areas. The success of RIDO is about the way it lifts and redistributes the downward pressure of the rider's weight away from the sensitive perennial area and onto the inner sit bones. At the same time it allows a variety of sitting positions and rider-saddle contact points, increasing power output and providing comfort over long distances.

You immediately feel how the pressure points are completely different from other saddles and this is entirely due to the saddle's topography redistributing the downward pressure of your bodyweight. The Lt model builds on all the foundations of previous models but is a slimmer, more lightweight and, dare we say it, more elegant design. It will compliment your racing bike, your time trial or triathlon bike whatever the value. A top end saddle for high performance bikes


Our very own Chris testifies to the complete comfort of Rido saddles, having completed his JOGLE ride in 7.5 days in complete comfort - literally on his R2 saddle which remains the saddle of choice for the more leisurely rider. This saddle is available in black or white

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