Prepare for A Long, Cold Winter with Cycle Lights

When the clocks go back and the cold weather starts to set in, cyclists face tough conditions, especially if they don’t use cycle lights. Lighting is absolutely essential on your bike if you plan to ride early in the morning or in the evening. They can also be needed during the daytime in the winter as the sun often stays tucked behind the grey clouds. Cyclists can be difficult to spot in the dark and this means the chance of a collision with cars or other riders is more likely. Those that use bike lights are making the roads a much safer and pleasant place to be for everyone, hence why they are also a legal requirement. The winter season is the main time of year when you will always need to use a light on your bike, and as well as this, you’ll need to dress appropriately and ride carefully.

During the winter, cyclists face harsh conditions. Many choose to pack it up until the spring arrives but if you dress properly, you can actually enjoy riding through the winter, and you should! The problem with dressing for winter is, you want to stay warm yet avoid getting sweaty, and this is where specialised cycling clothing comes in. Below are some of the essential clothing items you need for winter:

- A good base layer

- A lightweight jersey

- A waterproof jacket

- Overshoes

- A pair of gloves

- A skull cap

In the winter, it is wise to plan out your routes, and plan for alternative ways to get to your destination. This is because ice and snow can cause roads to be closed off, or cause them to be slippery and wet. In the winter, all cyclists should be concerned with their visibility and safety as it can be dark in the morning and even in the afternoon. You should try and avoid routes that are renowned for being icy or extremely dangerous. With your cycle lights lighting up the way, you need to ride slowly, pay attention and know what is around you wherever you are. Take a prominent position in a lane, don’t worry about drivers getting annoyed, safety is far more important. Make sure you tell drivers if you intend to move with hand signals and be alert of any obstacles ahead.