We’ve already stressed the importance of preparing for the dark evenings autumn can bring, but if you’re still wondering exactly why you need to buy a bike light, the article below may help.

After a summer of sporting success, more and more people are expected to take to two wheels, which is great, as long as they have the vital safety accessories of course. Many people take to the roads without actually considering what gear and equipment they will need and just hope for the best. It is absolutely essential that you are fully prepared before you choose to go out on your bike. This means checking your bike is in good working order, wearing a helmet, ensuring your tyres are fully pumped and attaching a fully charged bike light. If you don’t have the correct equipment, you are making the journey dangerous, not just for yourself, but for everyone else that shares the road with you.

A recent survey by Sport England revealed that almost two million people now cycle at least once a week, and as this figure increases, it is now more important than ever that cyclists are aware of the dangers if they don’t use a bike light. With autumn and winter on the way, murky mornings and dark evenings don't have to be an issue. Tackle them with a bright and powerful light, wear reflective clothing and you'll be well on your way to a safe ride.

During these seasons, it is highly recommended to keep your lights attached to your bike, more so if you cycle every day. Having them attached to your bike at all times allows you to be in control should the weather change dramatically or the evening sets in a little earlier.

Whether riding on the road, or cycling off road, riders need to use cycle lights for two reasons:

- Firstly to increase their visibility, and ensure that drivers, other cyclists and pedestrians can see them easily.

- Secondly, they will need to illuminate the route ahead to see where they are going clearly.

The law also states that when riding between sunset and sunrise you need to have a front white light, a red rear light and reflectors fitted. Regardless of the law, lighting on your bike just makes sense and is totally necessary should you decide to ride in darkness.

You wouldn’t get in your car at night without switching on your headlights would you? So be sensible and invest in some cycle lights today.