With winter just around the corner, it is more important than ever that cyclists are aware of the dangers of riding without bike lights.

Here at Magicshine UK, we constantly come across those few cyclists that don’t use lights, which of course, makes us very mad indeed! Cycling on a public road without lights and reflectors is not only illegal, but extremely dangerous. If you think about it, it really is common sense to light up in the dark; you wouldn’t get in the car without switching on your headlights would you?

We highly recommend taking your lights along with you for every ride this winter, even if it is in the daylight. It’s better to be safe and seen than sorry. Make sure they are fully charged before you ride and switch them on when the light starts to fade.

We cannot stress enough the importance of using bike lights this winter; for your safety, and for others, they are a godsend. There’s also the benefit that they extend your available riding time, much needed as the evenings draw in quicker.

To adhere to the rules laid out in the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations, it is essential that all cyclists have a white front light, a red rear light, four amber reflectors and one red rear reflector fitted. If you have fully functional lights attached to your bike, you may also be required to light up when visibility is reduced during daylight. This can be necessary in the winter during the mornings, when it is foggy or when it is raining.

It is also recommended that cyclists who ride this winter wear bright and reflective clothing. This type of clothing increases your visibility further, keeps you warm and can assist if your lights should fail. We advise you to buy a spare battery and take it with you on all rides so if this does happen, you never have to be without a guided light.

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