Using a Helmet Camera for Sport

A helmet camera is an excellent way to obtain high quality footage of sport from the point of view of the individual taking part. The resulting footage can be used to make exciting clips and films, or as an effective way to improve technique and focus training. Once the camera is rolling, the participant can focus solely on the activity, as the lightweight, unobtrusive design of the cameras mean they do not distract from the action. This makes head cameras perfect for filming a real range of different sports and activities.

Filming your Sports

Many people find competitive sport and adrenaline-fueled adventures inherently exciting to watch. If you're an active individual, watching footage of your own exploits can be enjoyable and interesting, helping you to relive the memories. Helmet mounted cameras give the opportunity to film creatively from a unique perspective, showing the world exactly what you experienced from your own point of view.  This technique is especially effective when filming once in a lifetime extreme sports. Strapping a helmet camera on before bungee jumping or skydiving will give you an everlasting record of the memory, and make sharing the terrifying first hand footage of your leap of faith with others simple.

Using a Helmet Camera for Training

A head-mounted camera gives an insight into the exact view a participant has when completing an activity, so can be used to monitor and improve sporting technique. This can be incredibly useful in sports where hand eye coordination is essential. When a camera is used to film a practice tennis match, for example, it makes it possible to observe whether the individual was looking at the ball when swinging their racquet. Coaches can also monitor how well players prepare for and return the next shot. Professional road cycling teams also make extensive use of head cameras for a variety of reasons. One of the most beneficial is to plan for stages of racing. A team member can ride the stage's route in advance, and the other riders can then review the footage so they know when to expect tricky turns. They can also use it to identify parts of the race where they can tactically attack the other riders, such as at the start of ascents. Mountain bikers can use cameras to review how they approach obstacles when riding. They can analyse the footage to see whether they can make any technical improvements next time they ride.

A helmet camera has many uses, and can provide a valuable insight into how a sports person experiences the action they are involved in.