Cycle lights for commuters

There can be no doubt that the needs of the urban or suburban cyclist are very different to those of the mountain biker or long haul rider. Riding a few miles along well lit streets in the daylight hours give rise to specific needs and some of the extremely powerful cycle lights on the market will be vastly unsuitable for your needs. Dazzling oncoming traffic is not a good thing and can be potentially dangerous. However it needs to be considered that even a relatively sedate ride of a couple of miles to the office and back can be fraught with danger if there is a busy road to navigate. Another point to be taken into account are seasonal weather conditions, winter light is poor and rain, fog or mist can reduce visibility to a large degree which can take a rider by surprise. Good cycle lights and even a spare back-up light which can be carried in a pannier or back pack can save lives. Likewise, if you are riding to work during the morning once the sun is well up, the worst thing is to be taken by surprise by dark winter nights. The sun can go down very early during the winter and so a relatively powerful light is necessary. LED lights would be suitable for an average commute and combined with protective and reflective clothing this will provide an excellent degree of protection.

Cycle lights for rural areas

If you are considering riding in rural areas, then your needs may be slightly different. Dark country lanes may appear to be stress free and idyllic but they are fraught with hidden dangers of their own and the best quality cycle lights can be a real investment. Animals are not well versed in road sense and wandering cows and sheep can cause accidents as can horses that travel relatively quietly and can surprise a cyclist from around a blind corner. With animal dangers in mind a great solution for riding in darkness or poor light, is a head torch. A head torch can be attached to your helmet or to a band which fastens around your head; this can then be used as a source of directional light. Head torches are invaluable for sweeping the road ahead for dangers such as animals, pot holes, muddy patches and even overgrown tree roots or overhanging branches.

Cycle lights for mountain biking

Cycle lights for mountain biking are something which again require careful consideration. Riding in any extreme territory is potentially dangerous and due consideration must be taken with regards to the fact that you could be many miles from help or fresh supplies. If there is no nearby source for replacement equipment then spare cycle lights are a must-have part of your kit. Powerful lights are necessary if you are riding in hostile territory such as heavily wooded areas or on mountainous roads where corners may be sudden and surfaces uneven. Planning and careful choice are the main factors in ensuring you choose the right lights for your purpose. Remember that spare lights can be an invaluable addition to your kit.