There is no doubt many of you will have made your new year's resolutions for 2013 but if you haven't done so yet, why not take up cycling? Whether it's to get fit, live a healthier lifestyle or simply get outdoors more, cycling brings so many benefits and if you don't benefit from this form of exercising already, you're missing out!

As the newly appointed exclusive UK distributor for Magicshine products, we are keen to keep every cyclist safe on the roads, and this is reflected in our range of high quality bike lights. Whichever form of cycling you choose to take up this year, you're going to need a powerful light to guide your way and keep you visible, and that's where we can help. Just view our range or contact us today on 0845 519 3677.

Below are 5 major reasons why you should take up cycling this year:

Leads to a Healthier Lifestyle

Cyclists benefit from a healthy body, a healthy mind and a happy body! Research has also shown that moderate cycling activity per week can reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity. Biking regularly can also increase your cardiovascular fitness and burn calories, helping you to lose weight and tone up.

It's Affordable

After the initial cost of a bike and accessories like bike lights and clothing, cycling is free and you don't have to pay out petrol and car maintenance costs if you choose it as a mode of transport daily. You can also avoid those high gym fees knowing you're getting every bit of exercise you need, for free!

You're Helping to Save the Planet

It takes roughly 5 % of the materials and energy used to make a car to build a bike plus a bicycle means less traffic congestion and no pollution.

Fits into a Busy Lifestyle

Forget about those extra minutes sat in traffic or searching for a parking space, take your bike and there's no doubt you'll get there quicker. Biking can easily be incorporated into your daily routine whether it's to get to work and back, to take a trip to the shops or simply to get out for some exercise.

Travel Where you Please

Take your cycle anywhere you wish. Many of us often forget that the UK is home to some truly impressive scenery and seeing it on a bike has never been easier thanks to all the dedicated trails available. Ride through our villages, cities, forests or mountains, or alternatively, plan a cycling holiday overseas!