Using LED Bike Lights Morning and Night

If you are serious about cycling and often ride in the dark, you should make sure you use LED bike lights at all times. Safety should be your number one priority and that means keeping yourself as visible as possible. The brighter you can make yourself the better; you should never assume others can see you because you are using a light, make sure you wear reflective clothing and fit rear bike lights as well as front ones.

The law requires cyclists to use lights when riding between sunset and sunrise. It also states that cyclists should light up when visibility is reduced. This is perhaps when it is a dull day and rain or fog is present.

Below are three situations when you should always use your bike lights:

Night Riding

When you take to the trails or roads at night, lighting up is absolutely essential. You should make sure your lights are in good working order and are fully charged before you set off. Cycling at night can be very dangerous indeed if you cannot be seen; you are putting yourself and everyone else at risk of an accident. Light up in the dark and you’re guaranteed a safe ride. You’ll also struggle to see yourself if you don’t use a light, in fact, you won’t be able to see at all and this will result in a frustrating journey.


Cycling in the Mornings

If you cycle to work, you may need to leave early in the morning and depending on how early you leave, it is likely that the sun hasn’t risen and therefore light is going to be reduced. You should attach your bike lights when you begin your journey and switch them on until conditions are better.


Riding During Bad Weather

Very similar to being in a car, you should switch on your lights when the weather is bad. If it is raining or very foggy, it can be difficult to see and by switching on your lights, you are improving your own visibility. If it’s a dull day or the weather is not on your side, don’t take chances, light up.


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