With the longest day of the year around the corner, and that great British summer finally here, many of you will no doubt be making the most of the lighter evenings and heading out on your bikes. This of course means you'll be putting your lights to rest over the summer season.

At this time of year, our customers want to know the best advice on how to best store their batteries whilst they're not being used. Whether you have a standard Magicshine 4.5Ah battery or one of the Open Light Systems 17.4Ah batteries, we’ve put together some simple yet effective ways of keeping your battery in top condition:

* Always make sure you disconnect the battery from the light head before storing your light set.

* Never leave the battery in direct sunlight.

* If you store your battery for 3 months or longer, ensure your battery has at least 40 % of charge (LED glows orange).

* Prolong your battery life by storing it in a cool place (a refrigerator is ideal but never put it in the freezer!)

* Check every 6 months whether the voltage is still appropriate or less than 50%. Then re-charge again shortly.

Follow these simple steps and your bike lights will run as good as new by the time the sun's gone down!

In the meantime, if you have any questions about your battery, call Bonita on 0845 519 3677 .