Following a busy summer of cycling success, the ‘wiggins effect’ has well and truly caught on. If you’ve been training hard, squeezing in rides at weekends, riding to work and have built up your fitness, why let it all go to waste during the autumn and winter season?

Although the days become shorter and darker, autumn is a great time of year to ride and there are still plenty of exciting events around the UK to get involved in. It is however absolutely essential that you have the right gear and are well prepared, so here’s a few of our top tips for staying safe this autumn:

Light Up

You will have noticed that it’s getting dark by 8pm now, so if you’re going out for a ride, charge your light and attach it to your bike so you are visible if you stay out longer than planned. Being seen with a good light avoids any SMIDSY (sorry mate I didn’t see you) excuses!

Look After Your Bike

Before winter arrives, it is important to check that your bike is in good working order and everything is as it should be. If you’ve used it a lot over the summer, give it a good clean, check the pressure of your tyres, lubricate the chain and check that gears and brakes are functional. During the autumn and winter months your bike may go through more wear and tear with rain, salt, grit and mud so clean and maintain it regularly.

Look After Yourself

You’ll most likely want to invest in some warm and protective clothing during the autumn months. As well as wearing your helmet (a must at all times), you may want to wear a headband or skull cap to keep your ears warm and of course you’ll need a comfortable and warm jersey, as well as a windproof or waterproof jacket. A pair of gloves will also help keep your fingers warm when temperatures start to drop! Reflective clothing and accessories will help you stand out at night alongside your cycle lights. Don’t worry, you don’t need to dress in it from head to toe; armbands and stickers can be extremely effective too.