Summer Riding and My Tiny Sun

The summer is well on the way but that doesn't mean you won't benefit from having My Tiny Sun lights! Of course there is less darkness but it's generally warmer and you'll be able to enjoy your lights for longer! These super quality bike lights are the most powerful branded lights on sale in the UK, a reason alone to get your hands on one! Stay out until the sun sets and don't worry, these lights are fully water proof so if it happens to rain, just enjoy it! The My Tiny Sun light head can be mounted to any handle bar or helmet quickly and securely so if you're in a rush to get out, it won't matter!

Useful Tips

So you’ve treated yourself to your lights and they are waiting to be taken out and shown off! Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when night riding:

- Don’t know where to ride? Revisit those trails that you got so familiar of they became boring. They’ll be much more exciting in the dark! Plus if you see any fellow riders you can show off your My Tiny Sun lights!

- Stay safe! Make sure your lights are fully charged and maintain them regularly to keep them in excellent condition. When riding, be cautious about others around you and don’t make silly decisions.

- If you know you are going to busy one evening, set off for an early morning ride in the dark, find a hillside spot and watch the sunrise. You’ll feel refreshed for the day ahead too!

- Wear suitable clothing. Yes it may be warm and muggy outside but make sure you dress appropriately for the type of ride you are undertaking. If you’re riding at night, high visibility wear is essential. If it is still light out, make sure you wear comfortable and light cycle clothing that will help to make your ride as smooth as possible.

- Take photos! One way of appreciating how good My Tiny Sun lights are is to take photos. Of course make sure you are safe and not balancing your phone or camera whilst riding at a fast speed!

My Tiny Sun Power Modes

Many of the My Tiny Sun lights available come with various power modes. Simple mode is exactly that; high or low mode, depending on the way you see fit. Programme Mode offers 6 different programmes for easier or more demanding rides. Each mode allows the rider to choose from different power outputs and this will of course be dependent on the conditions. Instructions are always provided so you can get to grips with it before heading out and then getting stuck! My Tiny Sun lights offer the modern rider a fantastic night ride!