We hope you all enjoyed that extra hour in bed this weekend, but now the clocks have gone back, it is absolutely essential that you have those bike lights for your night rides!

It’s that time of year yet again, light season! We are all waking up in the dark, arriving home in the dark and conditions aren’t very safe if you don’t have a light. A good front light allows you ride at any time and beat those shorter days, whilst staying safe and visible of course!

Here at Magicshine UK, we have a great range of bicycle lights, some of which have recently won in major mountain biking light tests! If you are completely bewildered on what light to go for or just need some advice, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0845 519 3677 and we’ll happily help you get ready for winter!

Below are just a few simple tips we’ve put together so you can make the most out of your lights:

1. Always consider buying a higher capacity, longer running battery than you think you need (or a spare battery). A puncture or any other problem could leave you in the dark. Remember lithium ion batteries lose capacity with age.

2. Sounds simple but remember to fully charge your battery before you start!

3. On wet nights, reducing the power of your (high power) light will reduce glare and actually make it easier to see.

4. Using a helmet light in conjunction with a handlebar mounted light gives better coverage and improves depth perception.

5. A high power light lets you ride at speed more safely, but don't over estimate your abilities and ride with friends where possible.