The MJ-880 Wins in Light Test Yet Again!

In September, Mountain Biking UK Magazine voted our MJ-880 the winner in their group light test, and guess what, it’s only gone and won again!

What Mountain Bike Magazine (WMB) has also voted the MJ-880 as the winner of their trail lights super test!

WMB described the light as ‘a powerful, sophisticated yet user-friendly light’. When testing the light, they found the beam to be ‘extremely bright for the price and very even, with a great balance of distance, depth and peripheral coverage’. WMB also noticed just how impressive the run time is on maximum power, a full 3 hours and 25 minutes!

We are extremely pleased that WMB also referred to our ‘great customer service reputation’ that we pride ourselves on!

As many users are finding, WMB found the MJ-880 to have a brilliant beam and a user friendly control, all for a bargain price of £139.95! It’s safe to say the MJ-880 is proving one of our most popular lights this season. Get yours in time for the winter season by shopping our bike lights range today.

WMB also tested the My Tiny Sun Pro 3600 that we offer exclusively at Magicshine UK. They found the light to have excellent tuning potential and serious power!

You can read the full article in What Mountain Bike Magazine Issue 141 November 2012.