Using Bicycle Lights in the Summer

You may not think you need bicycle lights when riding in the summer, but these are an important piece of safety equipment. If you’re a keen summer cyclist and are thinking about investing in some bicycle lights, then you won’t regret this as you will almost certainly make great use of your investment. The summer evenings are one of the best times of the year to get out on the bike and enjoy the English countryside; so much so, one can be enjoying the bike ride so much, only to realise the evening night drawing in too quickly. It does not take a lot for visibility to reduce to hazardous levels, so being prepared and ensuring you have suitable bicycle lights for all occasions and emergencies are a must. For a good set of lights, the market offers great ranges at affordable prices.

Safety Precautions

Summer cycling is one of the most popular summer activities however there are some safety precautions you must be aware of and take necessary preparations before your journey ahead. Dim lighting can occur at unpredictable times even in the summer which is another reason to ensure you have a good set of bicycle lights. The UK is renowned for its unpredictable summer weather and there are some days where temperatures hit high sub-continent levels. Too many cyclists wait until later in the ride to consume water, at which point dehydration has already kicked in. That is why it is critical to stay well hydrated by drinking water every 10-15 minutes before, throughout and after your journey. One way to prevent dehydration, tiredness and making your journey more enjoyable is simply by riding during the coolest parts of the day and altering your route when possible (e.g. cycling through woodland rather than open parkland).

Clothing and Bicycle Lights

Wearing the right clothes is another important consideration you should make when planning your journey, as well as having powerful bicycle lights. It is recommended that you should wear suitable clothing that allows your sweat to evaporate, working as a cooling mechanism for your body. Light weight synthetics are perfect, and it is often advised to avoid cotton type t-shirts as these tend to hold sweat which in turn become heavy and can cause you to overheat. Investing in a good helmet is another useful piece of equipment especially when travelling for long periods of time. It is recommended to ensure your bike helmet has large air vents which in turn will keep you cooler for longer periods of time. As already mentioned, along with the bike helmet, bicycle lights are imperative not only in the winter, but all seasons of the year.