You may have noticed that the evenings are starting to draw in a bit earlier, which only means one thing; autumn is on its way! Some of the best riding is to be had during the autumn and as long as you are prepared with the right gear, you can enjoy riding well into the winter with ease.

Below are just a few of our products we highly recommend for you to have when riding this autumn:


If you suffer discomfort using your current saddle, introduce the RIDO R2 saddle into your life this autumn! The RIDO R2 fits all bikes and works by supporting the body on the pelvic bones without putting any pressure on the perineum. It allows a variety of sitting positions and rider-saddle contact points, providing comfort for those who cycle both short and long distances.

Cycle Clothing

A good cycling jacket is essential during the autumn and winter months. Our hardshell cycling jackets are available in a number of colours, for both men and women. Made to a high quality, these jackets add a unique safety feature for any cyclist who wants to ride at night. The micro thin electro luminescent light strips emit a blue strobe light, allowing cyclists to be visible from all angles from up to 1/2 mile away.

A Front Bike Light

A front light is a must if you use your bike at night or during poor lighting conditions. The evenings are already starting to get darker earlier so you may need to start using one now. Our range of front bike lights vary from 200 lumens to 3600 lumens, and all come complete with battery and charger, and our exclusive 12 month warranty.

A Rear Bike Light

Rear bike lights are also essential at night. Our powerful Magicshine rear light set has the strongest rear light beam we’ve ever seen; with an 85 lumen output, a constant light mode and 2 flashing modes, the beam irradiates light for 100 metres behind the rider. You can also benefit from front and rear power using just one battery if you choose our MJ-808 and rear light split kit.