Magicshine may just have launched 'the perfect bike light'.  Well three versions of it to be precise, the MJ-900B the MJ-902B and the MJ-906B. I can't tell you how many times I've been questioned about the lumen output of a light, or how many modes does it have, or what type of flash or blink is available, or the intensity of that flash.  The answer is, that no light is ever exactly right for every individual customers' requirements.  

Well now you have the power to get the exact lumen output that you require for your ride, the exact intensity of flash for your commute, the ability to swap output that is perfect for road to one that is perfect for off road, all from the same light.  

Yes, that's right, whatever output you want, up to the maximum of the light you purchase, you can programme into the light using a free downloadable APP to get the perfect light for you. It's just so easy to use and will be a godsend for those of you who have specific requirements such as Audax riders and people who swap from road to off road riding and want to use the same light.

The batteries for this new range have been completely changed and are now USB rechargeable allowing them to be used as power banks too. The batteries have smart meters on them showing you in very graphic terms how much energy is left, making it dead simple to see if your battery has power before you even connect it to your light.   

The reviews are yet to come out in the cycling press but I really do believe that the new range of bluetooth smart lights are going to be extremly popular with our customers. 

Check out the lights on our website for a full and indepth description of the possibilities available.

Maybe nothing in this world is truly perfect but I think we're very nearly there.