Magicshine UK are pleased to see that the joys of cycling are being celebrated in this summer of sport throughout the UK. According to a survey by Sport England, almost two million people now cycle at least once a week and after the Tour de France win and a long summer of games ahead of us, it is expected that this figure will rise.

With this in mind, we’ve put together our top 5 summer cycling tips:

Join a Club

Join your local cycling club this summer! Cycling is best enjoyed as part of a group and joining a club will allow you to exercise on a regular basis and share your passion for cycling with others. You’ll discover new routes and if you wish, new styles of riding.

Make a Holiday of It

There are some fantastic locations in the UK that cater for cyclists. From Cornwall to Scotland, there are exciting countryside, city and coastal routes to suit everyone. It’s National Parks Week between the 30th July and 5th August so why not pick one of the UK’s beautiful national parks, grab your bikes and get going!

Dress Lightly

Dress in light clothing; a summer jersey and cycling shorts will be fine and if you see necessary, some thin fingerless gloves to avoid sweaty hands. Wear sunglasses with UVA and UVB filters.

Wear Sunscreen

If it’s a hot sunny day, you are going to need to wear sunscreen. Remember to cover your ears, nose, and forehead, back of the neck, arms and legs if they are exposed. Put some on before you set off, and make sure you take some along with you as it’s likely you’ll sweat it off!

Fuel Yourself

Staying hydrated on your ride is extremely important, even more so during the summer. Drink plenty of water during before you ride and make sure you carry a sufficient water bottle with you. During your ride make sure you take protein bars and energy gels to maintain your sugar levels. Take regular breaks and stop if you feel fatigued.

If you’ll be out all day, remember to take those front and rear bike lights just incase!