New Helmet Camera Available from Magicshine UK

We are delighted to announce we have a brand new helmet camera available!

This one is from Minox, world renowned for producing very small but very high quality cameras and in fact they were the company who produced the original spy cameras used by spies everywhere in the cold war!

They have now produced this smart sports camera, the Minox ACX 100 HD Action Cam. The camera is built to a high and durable standard and is very simple to use. All you need to do is charge the battery using the USB cable and insert the supplied 4GB SD card and you're ready to shoot! The camera can be attached to plain or vented helmets by using the helmet mount included.

A feature we’re most impressed with is the rotating camera module which allows you to always capture shots in horizontal mode, no matter what angle the camera body is in. The wide angle lens, 135°, also ensures you can capture all the action from the front and to the sides!

Here at Magicshine UK we’ve tested the camera ourselves and can assure that you that the picture quality is superb and the sound when played back is clear and vivid. We'll also have some images of it being used at the front of a snow board so stay tuned!

The camera set comes in a well presented tin, along with the accessories. We really like this touch, many manufacturers provide packaging that can't subsequently be used again to transport your equipment. This tin allows you to pack your camera away safely and securely, perfect whilst you’re on the go!

At £169.00, the MINOX ACX 100 helmet camera makes a great companion this autumn whether you’re taking part in leisure activities, extreme sports or true action!