Navigating with Bike Lights

It is essential to have a powerful set of bike lights attached to your cycle if you want to start riding at night. This is not only for safety reasons, but to navigate your way through the trails or roads that you are riding on with minimal fuss. It may be that you are training for an event or you simply want to keep fit and don’t have time to bike during the day. Cycling at night will of course mean your visibility is limited and this is where having a fully operative set of bike lights will come into play perfectly! Navigating your way through a dull and dreary moonless night without a light can significantly slow your progress and performance right down and it can also be extremely dangerous depending on the terrain. Having the correct lights with you will light up the way and guide you through the darkest of places.


Investing in a high quality set of bike lights will not only improve your cycling enjoyment and safety on the roads, it will help to improve visual communication between other road users and yourself. Riding at night without any lights is one of the most frequently cited annoyances to car drivers and pedestrians. It is also against the law. It makes it very difficult for drivers to do the right thing if riders don’t have decent lights on their bike. Everyone is familiar with that frustrating feeling when you come upon an unlit rider in your headlights. Riding at night is dangerous and you can help to prevent collisions and accidents by investing in a set of bike lights. You will benefit and so will other riders, drivers and pedestrians.

When to Use your Bike Lights

You will mostly need to use your bike lights if you regularly ride in the evenings, early mornings or during the winter months. It may also be case that it’s a foggy or rainy day and they are needed. Always check the weather before you set off so you are well prepared and this will determine whether you need your lights. In the summer months, you may need to use your lights less often depending on what time of day you cycle. The longer daylight hours however means that you can set off later and enjoy riding for longer. As the day fades away, you can simply switch on your lights and blast round the last part of the route. During the winter months, it is likely you’ll need your bike lights at all times of the day due to the shorter days and tough weather conditions.