Grant Thompson won last weeks competition and he didn't even know he'd entered.  Read the winning email below and you'll know why!

I would like to enter the competition, not for me but for my best mate Grant Thomson. He took up cycling a few years ago and got completely hooked on it - road, off-road, track, you name it. However, last July 24th, his partner of 12 years, Sharon died suddenly of cancer at the age of just 37. She had received a kidney transplant around 10 years ago, and had been taking anti-rejection drugs ever since. They had not been informed that these drugs significantly raised Sharons chances of developing skin cancer, and so didn't know to be extra vigilant. Since Sharons passing, Grant has been inspirational in the way he has nurtured his two children (aged 1 and 9) through the trauma. Not only this, but he has successfully petitioned the Scottish parliament to ensure that national guidelines for transplant patients are made more stringent so that all patients are now told of the potential side-effects of their medication. If this wasn't enough, he recently single-handedly organised a women-only road race in memory of Sharon which has boosted the local womens cycling scene, and raised around £1000 for local cancer charities. Grant doesn't get time to ride much any more due to his family commitments - he only has 1 night a week to himself. Having a nice light would allow him to keep cycling into the winter months. Please let him be the winner - it's the absolute least he deserves given all that he has been through and all that he has done for local cycling, transplant patients health and charities. I am happy to provide his email address and phone number if he wins.