MJ-880 Wins Group Light Test by MBUK

Last month, our MJ-880 model was voted the winner in the Mountain Biking UK (MBUK) magazine group light test!

The MJ-880 was awarded for its outstanding performance on the trails with its compact head size, powerful, versatile beam and an absolute bargain price! The MJ-880 is one of our favourites here at Magicshine UK so we were extremely chuffed!

MBUK magazine said that “our light beam shots confirmed the on trail impression that it matches far more expensive lights in performance terms. The beam is really well balanced, deep reaching but wide enough to put twisty singletrack in well-lit context with no eye-tiring black spots or other optical flaws."

For the power and price, we highly recommend the MJ-880, especially for this coming autumn/winter! The wide angled 2000 lumens light throws far into the distance, illuminating trails for even the fastest and most experienced night riders. It is best for off road riding because of the width of beam, however it can be used on a less powerful setting for on road.

We constantly get feedback from our customers telling us the light is ‘totally awesome’ so we’re very happy it’s living up to expectations in the real world!

You can read the full review and see all of the beam shots in Mountain Biking UK Magazine issue 282 October 2012

Check out the MJ-880 in our range of front bike lights here.