Summer is the time of year when all of us want to get on our bikes more and enjoy the long days and warm weather, but before heading out it is important to have the correct summer cycling gear.

Here are some of our top essentials, including some of our products that we think you ought to beusing this summer:

Rido R2 Comfort Bike Saddle

The Rido R2 comfort bike saddle is a dream come true for cyclists who suffer discomfort when cycling, and is essential if you plan on riding a lot this summer. The RIDO R2 allows a variety of sitting positions and rider-saddle contact points, increasing power output and providing comfort over long distances. Buy it here for just £24.89!

Padded Cycling Shorts

There are both lycra and baggy cycling shorts available, and choosing ones with a padded insert will increase comfort and will help to eliminate saddle soreness on long rides. Many are made of a synthetic and breathable material to help keep you cool no matter how sweaty you get!


A helmet is a must at all times for protection, but during the summer it also helps by keeping the sun off your head, giving you some much needed shade and avoiding a sore read head at the end of the day!

HD Head Cam

Choose one of our HD Head Cams and film all the action on your summer rides. These bullet sized cameras are easy to carry in any pocket and light enough to be worn on your head without even noticing it! As well as for cycling, take advantage of the fact that its waterproof and go skiing, surfboarding or jet skiing – expect to see some superb quality videos! View the range here.

Emergency Kit

When we say emergency kit we mean a compact kit including first aid essentials in case you have a scrape, sunscreen to protect your skin and an absolute must is to take plenty of water so you stay hydrated throughout.


We know you've probably put your lights away for the season, but if you're going to be out all day and are riding for a considerable distance, it is worth charging your bicycle lights up and taking them with you.