Magicshine products

If you are a keen cyclist then there can be no doubt that you will have heard of MAGICSHINE lights. These top quality lights are being talked about on worldwide forums as some of the best products to hit the cycling world for years. Universally great quality and high performance the lights are made with a cyclists needs as top priority. Not only do the company make cycle lights but also tailor products to diving enthusiasts and runners. With hand held models as well as those for fixing to bicycles and straps, there is something to suit all pockets and all needs. Many of the products come with a 12 month warrantee when purchased from MAGICSHINE UK who were the UK’s first retailer and importer of the goods and who remain the top choice for many enthusiasts. Who else do you turn to but the original and the best? Whatever your needs there will be something in the range to suit your needs

Why Magicshine are the best

Some of the most powerful lights available to the public today
Top quality manufacturing process
Customer service that is second to none
Suitable for travelling
Available with rechargeable batteries
Tough and hard wearing

Magicshine for runners, hikers and walkers

It’s not only keen cyclists who are taking advantage of MAGICSHINE products but also those of us who are keen on hitting the great outdoors under our own steam! Whether you are a fan of orienteering, or long hikes there will be a great product to suit your needs. Hand held torches and those which fit onto head or shoulder straps are a good choice and are proving very popular due to the high illumination capabilities. Nobody wants to get lost in the woods at night but if you’re going to then at least make sure you have a good torch in your pack! A back up battery or charger can really save the day (or night!) and enable you to enjoy your trip without the concern of losing your light source.

Magicshine for Divers

Even divers can benefit from the high power lights at MAGICSHINE UK as the company now stock a selection of extremely powerful dive lights. From budget torches right up to the more sophisticated models there will be something to suit all abilities and needs. These dive lights have a couple of things in common, they’re all top quality and they are all extremely powerful.

Magicshine UK bike light accessories

If you’re investing in a great bike light then it stands to reason you won’t want to skimp when it comes to the spares and extras available. At MAGICSHINE UK there are some great kit deals available but if you only want a spare battery, cable or O ring for fitting, then your needs are still catered for. From bags to store your lights and batteries to headbands to enable you to wear your lights, this is a one stop shop where quality and excellence go hand in hand. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!