Magicshine lights today

Magicshine are the company behind one of the most popular brands of cycle lights today; with many different lights suited to many applications they are fast gaining a reputation as a reliable provider of bike lights and accessories. There is one supplier in the UK who is standing head and shoulders above the rest in terms of their customer service and expertise. The company were was the first in the UK to import the lights and their company is going from strength to strength as it continues to provide a great service and great products to cyclists, divers and runners in the UK.

Magicshine a family company who know cycling

Magicshine UK has a particularly great strength when it comes to running a business based on cycling lights and that is a genuine passion for riding themselves! There can’t be many better qualified to test, select and then sell the best in cycle lights and accessories. Their skill and passion is apparent in their attention to detail and their interest in the products which they retail. You can relax when choosing lights from this company as you know that they have already been road tested by someone who cares about cycling and sport and who knows what matters to those who love their hobby. Customer service at the company is also a source of justifiable pride; enquiries are answered promptly and special orders are dealt with quickly. When you need a reliable product and service then Magicshine UK is the place for your cycling needs.

Magicshine torches

Magicshine stock two models of torch and with the features which they both offer there is simply no need for more. The first is an amazingly powerful MJ-PD800 and which is so bright that it is more powerful than a car headlight; offering 900 lumens this torch is the perfect choice for campers, dog walkers and for ensuring the safety of anyone who has business after dark. The torch is sold complete with a charger for its rechargeable batteries and even that has LED lights fitted so that you can find it in the dark! The MJ-PD800 also comes with a handy metal gift case and could be the perfect present for the person who has everything! The second model is the MJ-HD800 which is the most powerful torch that the UK public has ever seen available to buy. This is a seriously powerful torch and can illuminate objects up to 1km away; perfect for uses within military and police work it is not to be taken lightly and caution should be exercised when using it as the beam is strong enough to hurt eyes if shone directly into them. The MJ-HD800 comes complete with a shoulder strap though it can also be hand-held. The torch also boasts a charger, high powered battery and a car charger. It is the perfect choice for anyone in an extreme situation or for those adventurers amongst us who enjoy walking, hiking, running or cycling in remote spots.

When it comes to reliable service, fantastic products at competitive prices you know that Magicshine is always the best choice.