What is Magicshine?

Magicshine bicycle, diving and sports lights are considered to be among the very best in quality and performance. With a wonderful range of powerful lights and torches this is one of the most respected brands for cyclists the world over. The range has something to suit everyone from cyclists to runners and divers. Headlamps, torches, front and rear lights are only some of what is on offer and all of it is extremely high performance. Testimonials and word of mouth has sent many enthusiasts rushing to replace their regular products with the latest items which do more than offer great prices but also offer the peace of mind that only top notch products can. Magicshine UK is a wonderful website and the original stockists of these lights and accessories, so they should be your first stop in the search for the perfect bike lights or accessories.

What do Magicshine offer?

Apart from bicycle lights, the company also offer diving lights and anyone who is interested in running can find fantastic head torches on offer as well as Sports Kits with a range of great products in one bundle. The Magicshine bundle offers a head mounted lamp, an extension cable and a runner’s headband. This is a fab set for anyone who enjoys running of any type. Not only for jogging or orienteering but also for hill walking, these sets make a great buy for anyone who makes running and walking a part of their life. Front bike lights at Magicshine are of top quality and come in a variety of Lumens; many also come with your choice of battery and a 12 month warranty to boot! If you are not certain which set or light is the right one for you, then customer services will be happy to advise. The staff at Magicshine is always passionate about what they do and their interest in the products on offer is genuine.

Rear bike lights at Magicshine

In addition to a massive range of front lights and accessories, some great rear lights can be found at the company. There has been a big interest in a particular rear bike light which the company currently offer; the MJ818 is a dazzlingly powerful light with 85 lumens and clever reflectors it offers cyclists amazing visibility and can be fitted to any bike with ease thanks to its simple O ring attachment. This light is proving immensely popular and can also be provided with a waterproof battery to enable cyclists to ride without any concerns no matter what the weather conditions! No need to worry about battery damage or failure on off road trips, even long haul journeys are worry and stress free with these popular lights.

Why choose Magicshine?

Leading the way in the world of sports lighting
Top quality products are regularly receiving rave reviews on forums and publications
Customer service that is second to none
Innovative products made with the users needs first
The best in battery’s and support products