Battery Storage guide 2016

When the sun comes out and the days get longer, bike lights become less of a necessity.  Some of us continue to use our lights regularly as a safety feature, (try the MJ-890 - a literally brilliant little daytime running light) but lots of us want to reduce weight and make more room on the bars for other gadgets so our lights get dumped into the garage until Autumn.  

HOWEVER, a little bit of care now is going to save you both time and money in September when the nights start to draw in again and we desperately search out our trusty Magicshine.

The storage rules are pretty simple, but really effective if followed carefully!

STEP 1:  

Clean your light head and battery, checking for damage to the rubber straps or connectors and of course that all lenses and mounting screws are still tightly fixed.  A damp cloth should be sufficient for most debris.  Just brush off the mud (toothbrushes are great), wipe clean and you're done. You can purchase new rubber straps from the accessories section on the website.  


CHARGE THE BATTERY!   All lithium ion batteries trickle a small amount of charge even when not in use.  If you leave your battery with low or no charge for any period of time you run the risk of it entering a state of deep discharge. Basically, it won't like being empty and could die, which is costly come September.  A fully charged battery is a happy battery!  Need a new charger - click here


Make sure that you disconnect the battery from all other components ie, both the charger and the lighthead. Otherwise the trickle will become a flood and the fully charged battery will be depleted long before the Autumn.


Store the light set somewhere cool and away from direct heat.  If there's one thing that is going to increase the degredation of your battery, it is heat.  So your garden shed is not ideal as they can get really hot in the summer.  The best place for a happy battery is the fridge - yes the fridge!  But again it depends who you live with and whether they're as fanatical as you are about your bike equipment.  Just don't put the blame on me :)

And that's about it folks.

However, if you're looking to replace an old battery (the optimum lifespan of any lithium ion battery is 2 years) or you think you'd like to upgrade to a bigger capacity battery, or you've taken our advice and want to carry a spare, then we have some fantastic Bank Holiday bargains on the website.  Just click here to see all the battery options and accessories available. If you're not sure whether the battery you're looking at is compatible with what you have (there's lots of new connectors and voltage options) then just give us a ring on 01604 452423 or email us at [email protected] and Bonita can talk you through your options - she might even do you a deal on a new light set or that special adaptor to enable a compatible connection!!!