Ever wonder how long you’ve got to ride before you need those powerful bike lights?

Ever set off, wondering whether you should take your MyTinySun lights or your Magicshine lights?

If you’ve answered yes to both questions, we’ve got the answer!

Magicshine UK® has developed it’s very own app. It’s called Light Time and it's been developed by us, Magicshine UK®

It tells you how long you have before dusk and sunset.
It features a worldwide map so it will calculate the remaining hours for wherever you are, or will be, in the world.
You can calculate times for the future, such as future holidays in far flung places.
If it’s already dark, the app will tell you how long until sunrise.

Q. Whats the best feature of the Light Time App?
A. It’s totally free.

Available as an off-line capable app from the Android Market - search for "Magicshine"; also coming soon to the i-phone App store.

Magicshine UK ® - one more reason why we’re always a step ahead of the competition!

Start the Light Time app!

This web app for desktop browsers also works on iphone, ipad, Android and other HTML5 enabled mobile devices.