Safety, cycling and LED lights

It stands to reason that as a keen cyclist you will want to maximise your safety on the road. Committing yourself to sharing a road with fast moving traffic is no small decision and should not be taken lightly. Poor weather conditions or riding after dark can be a real danger if your cycle is not well equipped with lights and getting caught in a bad rainstorm can be a hairy experience if you are an inexperienced cyclist, so be sure and investigate the many options available on the market which are designed to enhance your road safety. Your safety equipment is of paramount importance and choosing which lights to use on your cycle is a job which requires careful consideration. LED lights are a very popular choice with many cycle enthusiasts for the simple reason that they are extremely reliable and extremely energy efficient.

Maintain your LED lights

Gone are the days of constantly shelling out for replacement batteries, with so many fabulous LED lights out there to choose from which come with rechargeable batteries, most cyclists are happy to take advantage of the latest in Led lighting. Keep your cycle lights clean and in working order by performing regular checks on them. Make sure that the surface is free from mud, dust and other debris and always keep a spare set to hand when you are going on any journey. To maximise your LED lights and their performance in maintaining your personal safety you may consider taking advantage of some of the other cycling visibility aids on the market.

LED lights and more safety equipment

It is now possible to take advantage of the latest LED technology in very convenient ways; LED armbands and leg bands are a popular form of safety equipment which are not only simple to carry, wear and to put on but also have the capacity to flash which means they afford the rider even more visibility and therefore more safety. A moving or flashing light is far more visible and eye catching than a stationary light. Flashing arm and leg simply snap on over your clothing or fasten securely using Velcro and are available in both adult or child sizes; these offer added reassurance during poor weather conditions when drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists may be under extra pressure to see others. Flashing LED technology has been adapted in many ways to aid visibility and some applications which are perfect for the average cyclist include:

LED belts
LED hanging lights which may be attached in various places
LED spoke lights
LED head torches

So from the most basic of LED lights first produced so many years ago and at such expense we have now come to a place where this amazing technology can be applied in all sorts of ways to aid the cyclist. Freeing us from the burden of gas and unwieldy batteries LED lights have revolutionised road safety and helped reduce road traffic accidents. Cheap, efficient and reliable they really are changing the way we see things.