LED Lights an overview

As many cyclists know, the laws regarding the use of LED lights on bikes changed in 2005. LED’s were once considered unsuitable for use on cycles with the exception of rear reflectors. This was partly to do with the fact that until relatively recently LED’s were not able to emit white light and only coloured lights were available. This has of course changed due to the constant efforts of developers who have now been able to produce extremely bright white lights. Indeed some of them are just too bright and there are some regulations concerning the light emission from LED lights on cycles. There are however many fabulous LED’s on the market today which fulfil everything that a keen cyclist needs in a bike light. Great visibility and great lighting ability which enables a rider to see what is actually in front of them when they are cycling on a dark, bumpy country lane! Flashing LED tail lights are popular with cyclists who ride regularly as they are a definite advantage in terms of visibility whilst other users extol their virtues in terms of battery efficiency; certainly it is a great advantage to use a light which only requires charging on a semi regular basis! Choosing which kind of lighting system is best for you will depend on how often you ride your bike and under what conditions.

LED lights and the commuter

So you have decided to go green/save cash/get fit and cycle to work. The advantages of this speak for themselves, people who ride bicycles on a regular basis are generally much fitter than those who rely on four wheeled transport to get them to and from the office. It stands to reason that if you are committing to the cycle as your regular form of transport then you should invest in good safety equipment! Your safety is not to be taken lightly when sharing a road with powerful cars and so the more care you invest in your choice of lighting for your bike, the better. Flashing or pulsing LED lights for the rear of your cycle are a great way to ensure that you can be easily seen during darkness or even during poor weather conditions. A flashing light is far more visible to traffic than a steady light and since there are now many great models on offer and at competitive prices it makes sense to invest in one. Most of these LED lights clip on and off your bike with ease and most come with rechargeable batteries. It might be a good idea to invest in as spare as well as a protective pouch in which to store it. Remember to keep this spare with you at all times and in the event of breakage or battery failure, you will be protected and ready to go.

LED Lights summed up

Suitable for both the front and rear of your cycle
Lower cost than ever before
Flashing tail lights ensure more visibility
Easy to install
Energy efficient

With benefits like these why wouldn’t you choose to invest in LED lights for your cycle? It’s simple; you get the reliability of a bright light which uses little energy and the comfort of knowing you are visible to other traffic.