LED lights and your bike

Depending on your cycling habits you may find that one of the best lighting options for you are LED lights. It is only in relatively recent years that these lights have been deemed suitable for front lights as well as for back lights. This is due to technological advances which have ensured that the lights are now very powerful whereas in the past they actually offered only a very dim light for cyclists who were riding after dark or in poor light. If you are the kind of cyclist who only needs to cycle in urban or suburban settings where street lighting is quite good, then you will not necessarily need a powerful front light and so an average LED would suffice for your safety requirements. If however you are fond off-road cycling or if you enjoy longer trips where you may get caught in bad weather then you will doubtless need a bright light and in today’s market you won’t find it hard to grab yourself a top quality light at an affordable price.

LED lights and safety

It is certainly true that cyclists are spoilt for choice today; there are so many choices with regards to lighting for your cycle that it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees! When choosing which LED lights would be best for you it is important that you think about your habits with regard to your personal cycling habits. Do you use your bike for commuting to work only? How far is the journey? Is your cycle for weekend leisure purposes alone and if this is the case are you planning to go away camping or hiking? All of these points have ramifications with regard to which LED lights will be the best choice for you. If you are only planning to ride in safe areas then your LEDs need not be too bright but equally they should not be so bright that they dazzle oncoming traffic. Some points to bear in mind are as follows. Keep your lights in good working order by checking them regularly and ensuring they are clean and free of mud or dirt which could hinder their performance. If you are planning on riding for long distances or on a regular basis then it is prudent to keep a spare light in your bag, an unexpected breakage can be dangerous if it means you are stranded after dark with your bicycle and no means of light.

Important points about LED lights

· Low Power LED lights are a perfectly valid choice if you plan to ride in well lit areas

· High Power LEDs are now available with a dimming option and so are suited to high traffic areas

· Keep your lights well maintained and clean

· Carry a spare if you are planning on a longer journey.

There are many advantages to LED lights and as a consumer you will find that your needs are well catered for whether you are a serious cyclist or you simply ride for fun and exercise. Care when choosing will save you a lot of time and seeking the expert advice of professionals will ensure you get the best product for your needs.