Here is my light feedback for you, overall I would say it is a really nice looking light (I actually really like the style), solid and reliable to run with and a clear cut choice of brightness levels. There is a really good degree of movement to the light head and where you want to point it (petzl tend not to have as much so that is a thumbs up) and it is really bright! Amazingly bright in fact! I thought it was really useful to have the additional switch and to be able to see what brightness you had the light at.


1.       Performance ie brightness against competitors

It is much brighter than a leading Petzl light I would say. I feel like having seen this light and used it that they may be resting on their laurels as leading head torch manufacturers! I couldn't get over how bright it was for such a small unit, this was very impressive. I personally like to see how much battery/charge life my expendable items have so I like this extra feature. Probably a minor detail but some of the switches on Petzl's can be hard to locate when your hands are cold and you are trying to keep moving (1st hand experience at throwing a wobbly at a head torch in the freezing cold!!) so the button on the top is fab as is the extra attachment. 

2.       Ease of use

Very easy to use, slipped onto my head quickly and the adjustments were straight forward. It took me no time at all to suss it out and get it on and outside.  Pretty self explanatory.

 A bit pedantic of me but I'm trying to offer a fair critique- The connector with the battery level indicator was a little fiddly and as there are no instructions- I wasn't sure if I was being a bit forceful getting the extra attachment on as it didn't click in straight away but this is a minor detail and was me being over cautious. I would say this would contribute to a lower price point.

3.       Comfort

Super comfy to run with, didn't really notice it so thumbs up. It's so light up front that I found the comfort level very pleasing. The battery pack is also a good size and sits comfortably.

4.       Stability

If it was unstable it would be uncomfortable I would say so again, solid on my head and no issues there. The band is quite stretchy but taught at once so good level of stability indeed.

5.       Value – it will be under £100 but where would you ‘put it’ in the market ie a good price point

I hope this helps you somewhat?! But personally, I'm really impressed and would recommend it to people.


Best wishes Kerry