Magicshine UK are extremely pleased with the new Google Maps update; encouraging more people to travel by bike, Google Maps will now show National Cycle Network routes across the UK.

As of today, July 11th, we’ll all be able to access more than 10,000 miles of British cycle lanes. The purpose of the update is to make it easy for cyclists to access safe routes across the Great British countryside. It will also help to encourage more people to use their bikes, especially ahead of a busy summer as the world’s greatest sporting event hits the UK.

A new ‘bicycling’ symbol will appear alongside the familiar driving, public transport and walking options and will allow users to access cycle routes in their area. Thanks to Google and a partnership with cycling charity Sustrans, there will be thousands of miles of trails and routes available for us to access online and via our smartphones.

The update comes at a time when bike routes will come in extra handy this summer, not only with encouragement to get active in 2012, but especially in London as others seek to use alternative modes of transport. At Magicshine UK, we'll certainly be taken advantage of the maps!

Alongside the Google map routes, we highly recommend using our Light Time App this summer. The app tells you how long you have before dusk and sunset so you can work out whether you’ll need those front bike lights or not!