Winter cycling isn’t for everyone, but with the right attitude, some powerful front bike lights, and the right clothing, some of the best cycling can be had. You can stay dry, visible and comfortable in the saddle so don’t wait around for Spring, embrace those cold wintry days and get out on your bike!

Below are some essential tips to get you by this winter:

Dress for it

There’s no doubt you’ll want to wear a number of layers to keep warm but the important thing to remember is you’ll warm up quickly! Try not to overdress; wear just enough clothes to feel chilly just before you start as your body will produce heat in time. A wind-proof and water-proof jacket is advised as well as a hat to keep your head and ears warm and some gloves to protect your fingers.

Light Up

Perhaps the best advice for winter is to assume that you’ll always be riding in the dark, that way you’ll always be prepared. A front white light, a red rear light, a rear reflector and four pedal reflectors must be used to comply with the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations. Lights will keep you visible day and night, help you to see where you’re going and help motorists to see you from further away.

Stay Hydrated

It may be cold out but don’t forget that water. It's easy to forget to hydrate yourself in the winter. While you may not feel like you’re dehydrated, all that extra clothing can cause you to sweat more, so make sure you drink regularly. It’s also important to eat well to increase energy as your body’s going to have to work much harder.

Hold your Own

Drivers tend to give you more room in the winter, so don't worry about taking up a lane. Hold your own; safety is far more important.

Be alert and Ride Carefully

Stay alert at all times to what’s around you. Watch out for metal drains, wet leaves and manhole covers and keep an eye out for pedestrians. Ride sensibly and take your time. Avoid areas that are prone for being icy and dangerous.

Clean Up

The winter weather can throw all sorts at you and your bike. Salt and dirt are likely to greet you along with plenty of water, so make sure you give your bike a good scrub after so it’s sparkling for when you want to do it all again!

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