When the Eagle M2 was launched in September 2015, we were delighted with the Cycling press reviews and more importantly with the feedback from our customers.  However there were a few issues highlighted by the change in connectors for this new range meaning our standard range of accessories were not compatible.

We are really pleased to announce that Magicshine have now started to produce the compatible accessories.  

We have the following additions to the range:

Eagle M2 extension cable: http://www.magicshineuk.co.uk/bike-lights/accessories/1-meter-extension-cable-for-eagle-m2-and-mj-908.html

MJ-6106 battery Eagle M2 compatible to extend run times: http://www.magicshineuk.co.uk/batteries/magicshine-mj-6106-7-4v-7-8ah-lithium-ion-battery-pack.html 

Eagle M2 splitter cable to allow a rear light split kit to be used with one battery: http://www.magicshineuk.co.uk/bike-lights/rear-bike-lights/mj-818-rear-light-split-kit-85.html