After an exciting summer of sport, and plenty of medals in cycling, it is expected that more people living in the UK will look to take up cycling as a hobby or better yet, use it as a method of getting to work.

Cycling to work is a great way of saving money, keeping fit and making the world a greener place, whilst avoiding that dreadful rush hour traffic of course. Starting the day off with a dose of exercise should also make you feel energized and productive for the day ahead!

Here are a few simple tips to get you started:

Get Kitted Out

Before you can reap the benefits of cycling to work, you will need to invest in the right gear, and of course a bike. Buy a well fitted helmet and wear it at ALL times. With regards to clothing, we would advise to wear comfortable and flexible clothing and then take a change of clothes with you. Check the weather as you may need to pack waterproofs too. You may also need to buy a good-quality lock and a bike pump if you don’t already have one and pannier racks can be very useful if you need to carry items like files or a lunchbox.

Check for Cycle to Work Schemes

More and more companies are participating in Cycle to Work schemes, so it is worth checking if your company offers it before buying a bike. Through the scheme, you can get access to a loaned bike; usually up to the value of £1000 and payable out of your salary.

Ride Carefully

Stay alert at all times to vehicles in front and behind you and make sure you allow enough room between yourself, the kerb, parked cars and moving vehicles. When filtering through the traffic, be cautious and make eye contact with drivers, as well as informing them on your next move with arm signals. Don’t let cars bully you off the road; take a primary position and only let them past if you feel it is safe.

Choose a Bike Light

If you’re serious about riding to work, you’ll need to buy a bike light. If you get caught up late at work, or want to ride during the winter months, front and rear lights will ensure you are visible at all times. Check out our range of Magicshine bike lights