If you have decided to purchase a helmet camera, you are making a good decision! More and more cyclists are choosing to purchase one of these innovative little cameras and fix it to their helmets to record their journey. Whether you want to use your helmet camera to record your journeys and bicycling tricks to share with your friends, watch the footage back to improve your cycling technique or see where a stunt went wrong, or just to ensure your safety on the roads and have evidence should an accident occur, you can’t go wrong reading about how to get the most out of your camera. Have a look at our points below and see if they make your decision about buying a camera any easier.

Think About the Best Place to Position Your Camera

You don’t want to buy a camera, carefully fix it to your helmet and begin your journey only to have it come loose after ten minutes. There are several positions that a helmet camera can work effectively in: you can choose to fix it to the left or right side of your helmet or on the top of it, in the centre. Both have advantages, but placing the camera on either side of your helmet gives the footage an eye-level view, which is handy if your aim in using the camera is to capture precisely what you, as the rider, see. However, positioning your camera on either side or on top can have drawbacks, too: if there is any risk of branches catching on your camera (perhaps if you cycle through woods or countryside) then it’s always a good idea to use a helmet with a visor and then attach your camera underneath this, to avoid snagging on anything.

Think About What You Are Using the Camera For

What you plan to use the helmet camera for is important in determining the type of model you should purchase and the positioning of it. If you are a mountain biking enthusiast, it is important that you purchase a sturdy camera that will withstand your extreme biking actions. Jolts, jumps and bumps may disable a flimsy camera, which would be rather pointless if you are trying to record your daredevil feats! Cyclists using a camera to ensure their safety and have evidence should an accident occur can probably get away with using a less expensive model, but whatever you are using your it for, it is vital that you can reach it and adjust the controls easily.

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