Cycle lights: why are they important?

Riding your bike without cycle lights would be as bad as travelling in a car without headlights. A fast moving vehicle, with no illumination sharing a road with other vehicles and the odd pedestrian is a recipe for disaster. It’s not only during the dark evenings that cycle lights are an important safety factor; winter evenings can draw in very early and that’s not even considering the likelihood of vision blurring rain, mist and fog! Similarly reflectors and reflective clothing are an important issue not to be ignored by a careful cyclist. The more visible that you can make yourself and your bike, the better chance you have of staying safe. A good choice of cycle lights can be found today, far wider than was once available and varying strengths of luminosity make it possible to tailor your lights to your routine and to your cycle. Check out all of the options carefully to ensure you by the best available lights for your cycle and maximise your visibility on the road. Don’t forget that it is illegal to ride a bicycle without proper illumination and if you are sent to be doing so, you could get a hefty fine not to mention the fact that you may be endangering yourself or others.

Cycle lights, cycling and U.K. law

Clothing and lighting are very important factors for cyclists and it is illegal to ride a cycle without taking certain precautions to ensure your safety and visibility. A helmet is a necessity and can play an important role in saving lives; a proper helmet gives real protection from serious head injury if a cyclist is involved in a collision. Clothing which maximises your visibility is just as important; fluorescent armbands, high visibility. Vests or sashes should all be considered whether riding in the countryside or the city, helping motorists to see you is the first step in remaining safe when cycling. High visibility clothing is not expensive and it is worth investing in. It is arguable that of all the safety equipment necessary for a cyclist, cycle lights are the most important factor. Today’s lights are incredibly bright and long lasting when we compare them to the lights of the past. It is important to know the law regarding cycle lights as it is there ultimately to protect you and others who may be on the road.

Below are some important points to consider regarding your lights and the law.

Cycles must have a white front light
Cycles must have a red rear light
A red rear reflector is required by law
Amber pedal reflectors are required by law
All lights should be in clean and working order
Lights should be used between sunset and sunrise

Cycle lights up close

There are many minute expectations regarding cycles and lights, in the event of an accident certain small irregularities which a rider has not taken care of, could be considered as a partial cause of damage or injury to the rider or to other parties. Therefore it is very important that cyclists are aware of the law and take every precaution regarding their lights, in this way you could maximise your chances of safety and help to keep not only yourself but others free from danger on the road.