Saving Money with Cycle Lights

Cycle lights are an absolute essential if you are considering commuting to work by bike. The cost of fuel can be a significant drag on your monthly expenditure and what way to eliminate this by considering this greener alternative? Cycling to work would alleviate the wear and tear on your current vehicle which in turn will have a positive effect on the depreciation and keeping its value. In addition to this, less wear and tear should correlate to less future problems and maintenance costs that you know doubt pay each year at some point. So how much do you need to invest in a bike? After the initial cost of a good quality bike and accessories such as cycle lights and a helmet, the investment you have made will repay itself through the potential cost savings you can make.

Health Benefits

What better way to start your day by taking an early morning cycle to work, with the fresh air breezing through your hair and lungs, and beating the rush hour traffic as you go by. Why wait in traffic when you can have a more enjoyable experience commuting to work? If the motivation to do this day-in day-out puts you off, this mode of transport provides you with an incentive to exercise because “if you don’t feel like biking home, you have no choice but to bike home”. Making sure you are prepared with a set of cycle lights will mean you can ride all times of the year. With this brilliant routine it saves you time having to go to the gym or finding time after work to exercise. It will become part of your working routine.

Cycle Lights and Safety Precautions

There are no real negatives for deciding to commute to work, but there are inherent risks which you must be aware of and a number of safety precautions to bear in mind. Firstly, for new road cyclists there are a number of courses where instructors teach you practical highway rules. Cycle lights are a vital accessory needed for biking and there are night courses available nationwide. Secondly, you must be visible for other road users and fellow pedestrians. Ensure you wear bright colours in daylight and at night wear something reflective in addition to your bike’s lights and reflectors. Thirdly, be predictable and ensure you ride on the correct side of the road with the traffic, use hand signals and keep a steady line of drive. There are a number of affordable cycle lights on the market to make your journey a smooth and enjoyable one.