When to Use Your Bike Lights

Even though you may not need to use your bike lights on every journey you make, it's always good to bring them with you just incase. In fact, you should leave them fixed to your bike, so you'll never forget them again. There are many situations that you find yourself in where you may need your lights even though you didn't plan on using them. Biking to a friends house and leaving later than expected or having to take an alternative route back home that involves riding on the side of the road for example. Even if you know you're going to be home before dark, you will need your bike lights for riding in the evening, even more so in areas where there is a lot of traffic.


In the winter months, all cyclists should take extra care in making sure their bike lights are fixed and in working order. There are times during the winter season when the sun never really rises and there is poor visibility throughout the daytime as well as the evening. For commuters especially, winter poses the most risk when cycling as it is likely to be dark on both morning and evening bike rides and this added to the likely poor weather conditions during the season can make cycling on the roads very dangerous for those inadequately equipped. It is crucial to make every effort to stay visible in winter and all cyclists should be wearing reflective cycle clothing and have their bike lights on when riding.

Bike Lights and the Weather

As everyone knows, the weather can be unpredictable all year round; even the sunniest summers day can suddenly turn into black clouds and thunderstorms, and that's why having bike lights on your bicycle at all times is necessary. Lights aren't just needed for the night time, they can help keep you safe in adverse weather conditions such as rain, fog, sleet and snow. Any weather conditions that reduce visibility for vehicle drivers are conditions where you need to be lit up as a cyclist. A good set of bright lights in wet or snowy weather make all the difference as spray on the roads can make it very hard for drivers to clearly see ahead of them and the same goes for foggy or misty weather, especially in the morning, where visibility on the roads is reduced even further. Putting your self in danger on the roads isn't necessary and having a pair of bright bike lights as well as high visibility cycle clothing makes all the difference in conditions where you need to be seen.