LED bike lights are an important investment for any cyclist who wishes to ride after dark. Not only are they required for use when it is dark, they can also be needed in the daytime where visibility is reduced. This means that all cyclists should invest in a good set of lights if they are serious about safety. LED bike lights serve a number of functional purposes; they allow you see clearly ahead and they let other road users know that you are there.

There may be times throughout the year where riding in the dark is unavoidable, for example during the winter months when the evenings draw in earlier and the mornings are dark. By law, it is required that every cyclist who rides between sunset and sunrise should have a front white light fitted, a rear red light fitted and pedal reflectors. This is applicable to those who ride in public, whether you ride to work and back on busy roads, at the weekends on country lanes, or even for those off road riders who take to the trails.

Benefits of Cycling

In 2012 particularly, cycling has become extremely popular, mainly because it is a cheap way of keeping fit whilst saving money, and it is great fun of course!

There are so many benefits of taking up cycling and some of the key ones are listed below:

- Cycling can easily be incorporated into your daily routine, making it an ideal mode of transport for travelling to work and back.

- Swapping your car for a bike can save you a lot of money. There’s no need to buy fuel and you’ll also save on parking and maintenance costs.

- You’ll rest in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for the environment!

- Riding a bike regularly improves your fitness. It is one of the best sports out there for a full body workout as it uses all the muscles in your body helping to burn calories quickly!

- Scientific research continues to show that cycling on a regular basis improves an individual’s health. It helps to keep your heart healthy, keep your weight down and beat illness by improving your immune system.

- It’s fun! Cycling releases feel-good endorphins allowing you to enjoy yourself, taking you right back to those childhood days!

- Cycling is a great way of spending quality time with friends and family, whilst exploring the great outdoors

As long as you buy the correct cycling gear and use your LED bike lights this winter, you too can reap the benefits of cycling!