The Development of LED Bike Lights

The technology behind LED bike lights has been around in a practical form since the late 1960's and has developed rapidly year on year since then until the present day where LED technology is used in almost all forms of lighting system and for various screens, including most new home TV sets. High powered LEDs have been used in bike lighting since the early 2000s and have had a surge in advancement in terms of brightness, burn time and charge time toward the end of that decade. This advancement in technology comes from the amount of applications LEDs have, meaning companies are forever advancing in LED technology and this is having a positive effect on the cycling industry. Todays LED bike lights are more powerful than ever before and are a real life saver for cyclists everywhere.

LED Technology

LEDs are used for many other applications than just LED bike lights. The most popular use of LED technology is in televisions. In the past decade or so LEDs have allowed TVs to become much thinner with much bigger screens than they previously had and as the technology became cheaper for manufacturers to use, access to LED TVs increased until they are now commonplace in most houses. The ability to dim LEDs seen on bike lights has been utilised for TVs and means sections of the screen can be dimmed or brightened to suit the viewer and give a more enhanced display. LED technology is advancing all the time and we are close to being able to produced TVs and smartphones that can bend, fold and even roll up. Who'd have thought those little LED bike lights are part of a huge technological revolution!

Eco Friendly LED Bike Lights

The use of LED bike lights my appeal to the greener and more environmentally conscious amongst us with their impressive stats on energy consumption and the absence of hazardous materials used in their construction.LEDs give out a lot more light for the power they consume than regular bulbs and although they may be more expensive initially than other lights, the saving is made in the long term as they last a lot longer and use less power. LED lights do not contain harmful mercury which means that disposal is safer and more friendly to the environment than lights that contain mercury. Purchasing LED bike lights is the right choice for those concerned with environmentally friendly products.