Magicshine UK's Top Tips for 24 Hour Racing

If Great Britain’s achievements have inspired you to start cycling this summer, have you thought about training for something like a 12 or 24 hour race? Riding around the clock is a popular cycling activity in the UK, bringing challenges to even the fittest of cyclists. A good level of fitness and stamina is required, and determination is everything.

Here are some of our top tips if you’re thinking about doing a 12 or 24 hour race:

Train Hard

Make sure you train months ahead of your race; get to know your bike and how long you can ride for at one time. Rather than jumping straight into a 24 hour race, start with a 12 hour one and step up after you know you can complete this. Remember, the more you put in, the more you’ll get back.

Eat Right

Eating correctly is vital to the success of a 24 hour race. Fuel your body with carbs beforehand and when race day arrives, indulge in a good breakfast at least a few hours before. During, make sure you stay hydrated with energy drinks and plenty of water, and eat what you are used to; do not try to survive on energy gels and drinks alone, prepare some treats along the way for a boost.


Training is important, but rest is too. Make sure you get plenty of rest the week leading up to your race, and more importantly so the night before.

Wear Suitable Clothing

Check the weather in detail before your race so you are fully prepared of the conditions. It is best to over compensate when it comes to clothing. If it’s dry wear shorts and a jersey and keep waterproofs on you just in case the weather turns. It can get cold unexpectedly especially if you are moving slowly, so arm warmers and gloves may also be necessary.

Cream Up

Don’t forget to invest in some Chamois cream, a must! Chamois cream is effective in stopping chaffing of the skin and is developed for cyclists who ride long distance. Apply to the skin and also a thin layer to the pad of your shorts for maximum effect. Our Rido saddle is a godsend on long distance rides and along with a comfortable pair of cycling shorts, it will help to reduce friction and discomfort so you can avoid saddle sores.

Pace Yourself

During the race, make sure you pace yourself and ride steadily. Choose a pace that suits you but is still an effort. Keep moving, no matter how slow.

Use Bike Lights

A large part of a 24-hour race means a good deal of night riding. Make sure you invest in a high quality set of LED bike lights for ultimate visibility.

Another tip, make sure you enjoy it!