Happy customers - Make it all worthwhile! 

We often get messages from customers who haven't purchased their lights from us but want to get advise or a repair on their Magicshine product.  Dan contacted us earlier in June to ask if we could repair his faulty MJ-880 that he had purchased last year from another supplier - who shall remain nameless!

We talked Dan through the repairs process and explained that unfortunately we couldn't repair the battery but if it was the light head that was affected we would be pleased to help.  Dan wasn't sure if it was the light head or the battery that was faulty so we advised him to send them both in and we would investigate.  Well the poor man had so much trouble with the post office not wanting to send a lithium ion battery that he had to send the light head alone (The lithium ion battery can be sent through the post as long as it has a 'dangerous goods sticker on it - we send them every day!) 

Never fear though, as Magicshine UK can always help,  eventually we received Dan's light head and on inspection it was found to be working perfectly, therefore leading is to believe it was the battery at fault.  We contacted Dan to explain the situation and sent out a replacement battery for him that day.  He was a very happy chap and here's the email to prove it.


I really appreciate you, and your teams, fast work and impressively high quality of service especially the level of communication prior to, during and post sale. I genuinely could not, and would not, hesitate to recommend you to all. A really first class business that I'm pleased to say still manages to excel at customer service.