Magicshine UK® is now the exclusive UK supplier of MyTinySun lighting products. The brand is already being recognised as the premium upmarket bike light range in the market, but not at exorbitant price levels.

These lights have quality designed in.

MyTinySun’s approach is not to build bike lights as end in itself. That’s why before embarking on any change or upgrade programme, they ask top riders, athletes and customers about the improvements they would like to see.

The lights are designed and built in Germany, using premium grade and industrial standard components.

The light heads have been tested to operate under acceleration forces of up to 100G and with only slight modifications can be used in a variety of industrial situations.

The cables are of robotic standard. That means they can withstand day in, day out twisting, bending and pulling. The sleeves are highly resistant to abrasions and cuts (we know, we tried to do this at the assembly stage recently!).  The connectors themselves are weather and matter resistant up to IP68 standard, depending on the model.

The batteries are amongst the finest available in Europe, designed and built by German company Open-Light Systems. They’re 100% waterproof and that’s even without the bag to attach them to your bike!

An example of the thought that has gone into the design is that anyone who purchases these lights will only ever need to purchase an upgrade, rather than replacing the lighthead. How good is that?

As a result of the attention to detail, this light oozes quality and it came as no surprise that a full 24 months warranty is provided by the manufacturer.

The 2012 range is released and you can purchase any item from our store NOW!

And the prices? Take a look – a lot lower than the competition. Now that doesn’t surprise us!

Magicshine UK® - staying one step ahead of the competition!