BEST BIKE LIGHT' 2013 MBUK magazine

MJ-880U voted as the 'best bike light' by MBUK magazine 

Read Guy Kesteven's review here or check out issue 295 of MBUK  

Magicshine's MJ-880U is tough, easy to use twin beamer and is still the light to beat for all round practicality and performance at an affordable price. The small twin LED head unit hooks neatly and securely onto the bars with a rubber Y-strap and it helmet mounts fine if you cough up an extra £6.50.

The battery is bulky but it's not much heavier than the smaller capacity units. The long lead means you can sit it right down by the bottom bracket where the weight is unnoticeable and it's got nowhere to slide or rattle. The permanently attached rubber straps and hooks means it stays in place too.

The twin LED gets a 10 per cent power boost to keep it just ahead on output compared to similarly priced lights. There's less of the obvious gap between centre beam and outer halo though which makes it easier on the eyes in already confusing conditions. The backlit two-way switch toggles up and down the four level sequence rather than round in a circle, which is really useful on the trail.

There's ample battery life even for epic rides. The rubber straps hardshell battery and neat head unit have proved tough as hell in over a year of almost constant hardcore hammer in soaking wet, sub zero and seriously rocky conditions. The whole system is guaranteed for a year but we've not had an issue with any production Magicshine lights in several years of testing.