We’ve found the light everyone who’s serious about night riding will want. But it’s more than a bike light – more a light for all reasons or perhaps more appropriately, a light for life!

We are the distributors for Magicshine but we are also exclusive distributors in UK and Ireland for MyTinySun, a German light technology company. They make top end lights of exceptional quality (as you’d expect) with unique features as well as unrivalled build quality.

Their newly released Volkslicht (or Folkslight for the UK market) has been long awaited and is a relatively low cost, high power light but with a plethora of safety features and functionality which we believe will immediately go to the top of most riders shopping list next season.

However what’s interesting to us is that MyTinySun has not joined the power race to see who can make the brightest light (they do make a 3600 lumens model after all). It’s our opinion that around 2000 lumens is probably the ideal output. Any more power and wet conditions (we’re discussing the UK here!) will reflect back a lot of glare, probably resulting in the user reducing power.

Instead the Folkslight represents a turning point in that MyTinySun have clearly concentrated on providing functionality never seen before at this price level as well as incredibly useful safety features.

The twin beam set up can actually be created by you. We provide 2 different lenses with the light but also supply a pack of 3 lenses (17°, 31°, and 46° elliptical). So the user, away from the trail, has the option of producing a beam custom-made for any technical requirement. Any user can use the switch at the front to choose left beam, right beam or both together, a perfect scenario. There’s also a high beam / low beam function making this perfect for road riding. The light also has a standard UNC tripod fitting on the base plate.

On the safety front, Folkslight features a 9 axis motion sensor designed to trigger the SOS mode automatically in the event of a heavy fall. Should you underestimate remaining ride time, Folkslight’s ‘get me home’ feature will kick in automatically when the battery reaches a critical level and should provide just enough power for a further hour.

Why a light for life? Quite simply the MyTinySun team have eschewed the opportunity to make money each year from further upgrades. Instead every user will be able to download future functionality upgrades, for free, direct from the MTS site via the USB cable. There’s already exciting features due in 2014 such as a learned gesture mode which will increase / reduce power when the light recognises a learned gesture and also an ambient light function which will increase or reduce power as the ambient light changes.

The self-contained premium grade Class A Panasonic batteries mean no wires and no additional weight to clamp to your bike. The batteries are re-chargeable and we supply additional batteries as security for those longer rides.

GoPro is an increasingly popular brand these days (like MyTinySun) and the Folkslight features GoPro bar mounts, helmet and head mounts. That means you can interchange your Folkslight for any GoPro device.

The light is compact, the size of an average digital compact camera and is easy to pack in any bag or even pocket. There’s a key lock too which means the light can’t be switched on accidentally when packed away, leading to an embarrassing, dangerous even, battery discharge.

For the more technical users, there’s an expert mode built in to every Folkslight. Instructions can be downloaded from the MyTinySun site or requested from ourselves.

In short, we’re blown away that so many features have been packed in such a diminutive package.  The light itself is as good as we’ve seen at this output – better than most. It comes with a 2 year warranty, batteries included and it comes with the build quality you’d expect from a ‘Made in Germany’ label. And the price? We’ve not written this to sell it, we just wanted to tell you how good the light is but it is for sale on our website if you’d like to look.

Go on, you know you want to!