We're thrilled to announce that the MyTinySun Folkslight has been awarded the 'best value bar mounted light' in MBR magazine November 2014 issue.  Amazingly the Folkslight won even whilst the reviewer was using the test bar mount that has now been perfected and is available to purchase with the light for just £15.00.

If you love technology then this really is the light for you, no doubt about it.  Once you've mastered the expert mode, you'll then be ready for the next download which will include the activation of the motion sensor to allow your light to react to the speed at which you are riding.  It will increase the lumen output when you ride faster and decrease when you're going slower, but only if you want it to.  What a fantastic battery saving feature!

If that's not enough, we are now supplying battery adaptors that allow an external battery pack to power the Folkslight so if necessary you can add an exisiting battery pack to your bars and the Folkslight will last even longer than you can!

Here's the review: