Our German partners MyTinySun have launched their 2000 lumen Volkslicht (Folkslight) for the incredible price of just £124.95. That's right a 2000 lumen bike light designed and built in Germany for less than £125.00.  We couldn't believe it either!  

Then when we looked at all the amazing features that the Folkslight has to offer, we were blown away.  Wth it's 2000 lumen nominal output, the option of wide or spot beam (at the flick of a switch) it's integral USB rechargeable battery, Go pro mounting system and two year warranty.  We think you'll love it too.

If you'd like to know more check out the details on the website http://www.magicshineuk.co.uk/featured-products/mytinysun-folkslight-2000-lumens-designed-and-built-in-germany.html or pop in and see this little beauty for yourselves.