We’ve just got some fabulous new batteries in from Open Light Systems, a premium brand designed and manufactured in Germany.

They’re compatible with all our Magicshine lights, same connectors etc, and you can even use the Magicshine charger originally supplied by Magicshine UK®

As well as being designed to a much higher specification, these batteries will extend the run time of your Magicshine lights by up to 4 times more than the original.

The sophisticated design system ensures that all these batteries meet the highest standards in terms of safety, durability, and transport regulations. They are all 100% waterproof and of course you benefit from that extended run time.

This makes them ideal for any extended riding or marathon event. The high spec design also means the batteries will cope with the most severe of conditions without a problem.

Of course you pay a premium for these models but sometimes it’s worth it.

However if you’re in the market for an upgrade, have a look at our range of MyTinySun lights which are about to take the UK by storm!

In the meantime here's the tests the Open Light batteries have undergone successfully.

Test 1: Altitude Simulation

This test simulates air transport under real conditions, eg for aircraft transport.

Test 2: Thermal Test

A test to assess if the cells of the battery can withstand very high and very low thermal exposures over a long time.

Test 3: Vibration Test

This test simulates vibration during transport / application. So you can always be sure your light won't go off when you go through the roughest downhill on your bike.

Test 4: Shock / Bump test

This test simulates possible impacts during transport / application.

Test 5: External Short Circuit Test

This test simulates an external short circuit.

Test 6: Impact / Impact Testing

This test simulates an impact on a rechargeable cell.

Test 7: Overcharge / Overload test

This test assesses the ability of a rechargeable battery to withstand overload conditions.

Test 8: Forced Discharge Test

This test demonstrates the ability of a primary cell or a rechargeable cell to withstand a forced discharge.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Open Light thoroughly tested the built-in protection circuit electronic on all our batteries and were given proof that there is no interference or electromagnetic effects coming from our products. It was confirmed that their products will not disturb your other technical equipment for use in any way.